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Film Reels
Stain-Free: Code Black 

When a pair of agents from the secretive 'Stain-Free Cleaning' company arrive at the scene of a brutal murder, newcomer Billie is forced to question how far she is willing to bend her morals in the name of her job and her mysterious Employer.

Starring Thom Mathews (Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th), Charity Farrell, Sally Lomonaco, and Bo Tyler.

Written and Directed by Philip Tice.

Official selection at Hollywood Horrorfest 2021 and Golden Reel Award recipient at Shockfest Film Festival 2022.

Golden Reel Award - Shockfest Film Festival - 2022.png
Zach & Kang

A 9 year old boy is visited by a cosmic horror from beneath his bed after fighting with his mother over an unfinished plate of brussel sprouts.

Starring Elsa Ames and Gavin Ghaffarian.

Written and Directed by Philip Tice.

Official selection at Austin After Dark Film Festival 2022.

A Thousand Faces:
A History of Horror Makeup

From the early days of Universal Monsters to the animatronic monstrosities of the 1980s and beyond, join makeup artist and filmmaker Phil Tice as he takes you on a ghoulish tour through the history of horror makeup and the mad geniuses that shaped your favorite frights.

Runtime: 17 minutes. Recorded Live at Nerd Nite LA, 11/14/23

The Kelpie's Ride

Listen to the legend of the "Kelpie", the deadly water horse of Irish myth, in this chilling children's tale from the haunted shores of the Old World.

A horror micro-short narrated, edited, and illustrated by author Phil Tice.

Do you dare to take the ride?

BUY! Brand Commercial

A strange commercial aired on Greater Milwaukee Public Broadcasting Channel 35 at 12:15am, April 7th, 1992. Station programmers do not have any memory of including the mysterious advertisement in that night's commercial block and no duplicate tapes of the broadcast have been found.


This version is the only surviving copy and the only known proof of BUY! Brand's existence. If you or a loved one ever purchased a BUY! Brand product, please contact your state's FBI office immediately.

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