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Welcome to the Hall of Horrors!

Tice Tomes is a new shadowed corner of the internet where you can find indie horror books and prints by writer and artist Phil Tice!

Anthology Horror | 200 pages

High Strangeness is a collection of ten spine-tingling stories to chill your bones and freeze your blood – whether you’re in the black market for ghostly hauntings, cosmic creatures, or macabre morality tales, we’ve got the scares for you!

Cover art by the very talented Nuno Sarnadas.


High Strangeness:
Tales From The
Edge of the Unknown

Praise for
High Strangeness:

- K.C. FiNN
Reader's Favorite Book Reviews 

"From grotesque tales of medical body horror to suspenseful encounters with shamanic skinwalkers, Tice’s imaginative, tense and terrifying visions offer much to fans of the genre, especially those who enjoy speculative, paranormal, and gritty representations of the darker side of the human psyche.

As a major horror fan, I’m always excited to discover authors with a real passion for creating nightmarish fiction, and author Philip Tice has so much to offer with this superb collection. The first thing that really struck me about it was how varied the storytelling is, from verse-style tales to epistolary storytelling, dialogue-driven narrative, and campfire-fire narrative plots. This keeps every story fresh and really resets your brain between different tales, so the reading experience never becomes tired or repetitive. 


I would certainly recommend High Strangeness to horror readers seeking a new writer to tingle their spines; you won’t be disappointed!"


"Be ready to buy a night light when you pick up Philip Tice’s new book, HIGH STRANGENESS...


The book includes a New Jersey diner that isn’t the late-night refuge it seems, a widow seeking out what belongs to her, and a boogeyman with a knack for fires. You’ll also read about monsters living among us, a haunted subway car, a curse looking for their next host, among other spooky haunts.

Any horror fan will pick up on the subtle nods to [Stephen King, Clive Barker, Alvin Schwartz] while Tice is able to have his own voice shine through.


This book is a perfect read to start your Halloween season. Casual horror fans will enjoy the quick stories to give them a scare while seasoned fans will enjoy the new takes on some older themes of the genre."

- Rachel Kerr
Bookbaby's Book of the Day (10/3/22)


We've just released new short films fresh from their festival debuts, story reads, and horror lectures now available for you to watch free here on TICE-TOMES.COM!


Click the All Seeing Eye below to dive into new tales of terror – if you think you're brave enough...

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Meet Your Haunted Host!

Meet Your Haunted Host!

Phil Tice is an American author, artist, and filmmaker, originally hailing from the Great State of New Jersey where he grew up surrounded by local legends like the Jersey Devil and the Feltville Witches. One Halloween, Phil was dared to watch The Exorcist with some middle school friends and the rest was history. Phil began his love affair with horror as a child with books like Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and movies like The Thing and Return of the Living DeadPhil began writing and self-producing films with his friends in high school, creating their own homemade version of Cannon Films in the suburbs of Central Jersey and paving the road for Phil's career in entertainment.


Phil went on to hone his craft at Boston’s Emerson College, where he graduated with a BFA, and now lives in Hollywood, California, where he makes his living as a director and screenwriter. When entering the film industry, he learned how to bring monsters to life on set as a special effects makeup artist before becoming a fully fledged horror filmmaker in his own right. He has collaborated with horror icons like Thom Mathews (Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th) and Cary Woods (Scream, Godzilla) and currently works for Oscar-nominated screenwriter and mentor David Magee (Life of Pi, Finding Neverland).


Phil considers authors like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and William Peter Blatty to be some of his greatest inspirations, and he hopes that a few of their fingerprints show through in his own humble stories.

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